How can I send and receive files?


You can use the easy to use and free service of wetransfer.com.



What formats are suited for mastering?


For best results I need 24bit .wav @44.1kHz (or higher). Please do not apply any up- or downsampling.



How can I prepare for mastering?


You should be happy with the mixes. Please listen to your audio on familiar systems before you send it in. Effects on the master output are ok unless it is a limiter, clipper or maximizer and is only there to make things louder. If you send me stems, please bounce them from the same zero on scale in your DAW.



When should I send stems?


I prefer mastering from stereo mixes and only recommend sending stems if you are not happy with the overall balance between groups or if you need them for remixes, instrumentals or acappellas.



What is Mastering for Apple Digital Masters?


Audiofiles that are Apple Digital Masters certified (formerly Mastered for iTunes, MFiT) differ from standard CD audio to prevent artifacts from digital- and codec-clipping. My studio is officially Apple certified. Please let me know if you want and need Apple Digital Masters before I start on your project. If you want to know more about it, press the button bottom right on my page.



Why professional Mastering?


If you want to compete with other commercial releases there is no way around professional mastering. Without mastering a lot of productions sound dull, bass heavy or harsh and lack in overall balance and cohesiveness. My mastering is a last creative process, a quality control and guarantees industry standards.



Any queries?


If you have any queries or are interested in a quote, please contact me via E-Mail.